Friday, March 8, 2013

Ling Fishing

Here is the beast.  I know it looks like something out of a movie, but it was good!  
Really easy to fillet too. 

It's me again, Eli with another story to tell you from the backwoods of Montana.  Since arriving in Montana I have had the Privilege  of fishing! A lot!  It has been great fun and a stress reliever from work and a good social activity as I usually go with two other grad students: Alex, from Montana and Gill, from Malaysia.  Well since I am about to leave this wonderful state and since we are all tired of eating trout, we decided to try something else.  Someone told Alex about a fresh water cod that can be found in local reservoirs called Ling or burbot.  We were told (by our computers) that they are active at night and that is the best time to catch them.  well our computers lied to us!  We tried two weeks in a row and caught jack squat!  Needless to say I don't know if I can ever trust Google or Wikipedia every again, my faith has been shaken.  Since our ling fishing experience didn't go as we would have hoped and, since my fishing license was about to expire in a couple of weeks and I’m not going to get a new one, we decided (Alex, Gill, and I) that we had better give it one last try. We went early in the morning this time, leaving Alex’s place at 6 in the morning, cause we all know that leaving on little sleep makes fishing a better experience:).  We got to Canyon Ferry and set up and were fishing by around 8 (ice fishing by the way). I set up my rod with a jig and shrimp and  sat down in a lawn chair just jigging my line up and down in the water. It was a little cold as the wind started picking up across the reservoir so I busted out my beard that I crocheted myself. Man, if you could have seen the looks on those guys faces when they saw that spectacle of home spun wonder sitting on my face. I thought Alex would never stop laughing! He kept saying that if he did nothing else that day, looking at my beard would be worth it. I told them they were just jealous and that it would bring me luck. Well…… did! After about twenty minutes of jigging I felt a strange tug on my line. Now looking back in retrospect I realize many things that I did wrong, the first of which was not doing anything, even reeling in (like it’s really that important). After I felt the tug, I froze and my mouth gaped open like one of those monkeys that grab the quarter in the box but can’t get his hand out so he doesn't move. I just sat there while my brain was flashing signals across my eyes that said “unrecognized function…reactionary error detected…shutting down…any unsaved data will be lost.” I couldn't believe it. Now you must realize that this was the third week that we had been trying to catch a ling and I hadn't had so much as a nibble from any kind of fish in that entire time so the sudden bite was too much for my poor little graduate student mind to comprehend. By this time Alex and Gill were both watching me trying to figure out what was going one. Finally my brain rebooted and with strong resolve and fortitude I dictated the situation to the others with a flow of verbal competence that only a true professional can illustrate, I said “Uhhhh…..guys…….I think ……I …….have………………………a fish.” This statement of obvious fact was quickly followed with impeccable timing and a movement on my part that rivals only the movements of the continents in terms of speed. I sat and stared at the reel. I looked at the reel with about as much understanding as to its purpose as a hippy looking at a bar of soap. By the time I started to actually reel in the line, it was too late and the fish was long gone. I’m sure he looks at the experience as one going to a sit down restaurant would; after his main dish was finished (it was shrimp I was using) he was probably debating as to what he should order for desert when he felt the tug on the line, he then casually paid his tab, adding a generous tip (my fish are no cheap scates), grabbed his coat and a tooth pick for good measure and left. After the ordeal and the much laughing between my comrades and myself, I re-baited the jig and began again. 
After another twenty minutes or so, I felt another tug. This time I was ready for him and was determined not to repeat the last occurrence and knew that he was not going to get away. And because of my discipline and quick thinking I’m glad to say that he was a little closer to the ice before he got away! Yeah it happened twice! My friends had not had so much as a bite not to mention the many other ice fishermen that were there that day, and I had two and both got away. We were depressed and excited all at the same time. So once again, I re-baited my hook and started to jig. Like clockwork after about twenty minutes I had another bite, now all of us were ready for this and before I could shout my signature “I’ve got a fish” yell that goes something like this “Yeah baby!!” (I know it’s silly and totally unintentional but it just happens that that is what I say). But before I could finish saying it both Alex and Gill were right there helping me pull it in. After a brief but intense grapple we pulled it out of the hole and it was indeed a ling! We were ecstatic with joy and promptly took many pictures and laughed and cried until our euphoria subsided. It ended up being the only one we caught the entire day but we caught one! Alex cut it up for us and we all enjoyed it the next day over dinner. Ling  tastes pretty good breaded and deep-fried. So that was our adventure, I attribute the success to my beard. It also caused every fisherman out there to not maintain eye contact with me when I talked to them. It was very entertaining.  Now for some pics to illustrate the event.
 Here is Alex, the main man.  He's the one who has taught me how to actually catch a fish, instead of just 
fly fish.

Doesn't it look like I'm some guy reading a label in the grocery store, "Look at this, it contains 20% omega three fatty acids, that's almost a hundred percent of my daily value!  Now what is the serving size....dum da dum....I hope there is no gluten in it....."

 Here is Gill, and this is his camera by the way.  It takes nice pics huh?  Notice that HE is from Malaysia and he is dressed in less cloths than either me or Alex.  How does that work?

This just shows off my beard the best.  You laugh but now you want one huh?

And here is a video of the historic event.  And just so you know, I didn't really kiss the fish.  I may be weird but not that weird.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

February 12 of 12

1- Second Trimester Baby!
2-Smorz Cereal is an ultimate favorite in our house...all except Eli who has a hatred for the "styrofoam" marshmallows in cereal!  More for Axel to wolf down, I guess.
3-Grady thoroughly enjoying his bowl of Golden Puffs.  After a huge fit to get him to try it, he finally did and as he finished his fourth bowl I concluded that he liked it afterall and it was worth the battle!
4-Hello, my name is Velvet Hubbard.  [hi, Velvet] and I am a Pinterest addict.
5- I accomplished a major feat today and planned my monthly menu, complete with grocery lists.
6-Grady apparently picked a new favorite spot to watch movies... the kitchen sink is now his domain.
7-Yeah, this is the intent to vacate our apartment form I filled out today!  Excitement abounds!
8-This is Axel, the Pirate Captain (applicable if you've seen Band of Misfits and if you haven't you need to see it) He even has his imaginary Polly on his shoulder.  Bytheway if anyone else also pretends to have a Polly on their shoulder they are regarded by Axel as an idiot. My doctor tried to pull one over on Axel and asked if he saw his Polly too.  Axel looked at him like he was a complete fool.
9-Axel's new hobby is wrestling. It softened the blow of him not going to preschool anymore.  He loves it and is getting the hang of being aggressive.  (I guess we kind of turned him into a bit of a softy.) At least he doesn't try and pretend he is Iron Man to blast away his opponent when he is getting pinned anymore!  Here he is getting a takedown.
10-Learning the referee position.  I'm shocked I got a picture of him actually listening to the coach!
11-He loves practicing blast doubles on the dummy.  The bonus is I also captured the coach's butt crack as well.  Don't you feel special.  It's like it is real.  It's like you were there.  You feel the real-ness of it don't you?  :)
12-Grady is a pro at skidding right on his nose on the pavement.  And it always leaves a killer road rash.  Luckily he is over it pretty quick and is his happy self.

Friday, February 1, 2013

January 12 of 12

 January 12 of 12... At least I posted it before February's came out!  It has been a typical January month.  A month of the Holiday Hangover when  you have no choice but to get back to the grind of everyday living.   Blah!  But we have seemed to make the most of it, and even actually have had fun along the way.
1- My 13 weeks along pic
2- We have had the fever at our house which constitutes a diet of Meds and Chocolate Milk!
3-My friend Jamie Anderson is moving away... Boo hoo Sniff Sniff
4-Over at Jamie's helping her clean and get ready for the big move.
5-My new calling in the new ward.... VT District Leader (In this case "calling" is literal!)
6-Coloring is a favorite past time here.  Axel's go to color for everything is Black..Hmmm.
7-And Grady does everything Axel does.
8-Our newest family member:  Slider the Penguin...(Axel named him cause Penguins slide on the ice)
9-Axel loving the snowy playground
10-Axel's newest tweek on his play car ramp... it is now a pirate ship with his furry blanket.
11-Grady's passion is trains, especially when Dad plays with them and keeps saying, "Oh no! The bridge is out!" in the famous Arnold Swartzenagger voice that Axe now tries to imitate!
12-A good bye Pina Colada with said friend, Jamie Anderson.  I live for Olive Garden's Pina Colada's (virgin of course)

And since we have the January Blah's I have included some of our December fun since we always have an overabundance of fun and photos.
Axel's loves hanging out with his girl cousins Addy, Camille, and Ellie.   You should have seen the meltdown he had when he found out Camille had to go home.  It was truly tramautic. 

The fam, with our beautiful tree and meager decorations!  But even though we wouldn't be in Bozeman very long, I couldn't not have a tree when it makes me sooo happy.

Our sledding trip at the famous Hubbard Hill

Aaah Sisters.

Aaah Sisters.  Check out those snow suits.  Yeah, we are bringing sexy back!

Eli was glad to get on a sled again.  Grady didn't last very long.

Mariah on the saucer.  She was a sledding animal.

The snowman here is Travis.  Sitting in the front spot on the taboggan was not a coveted place!

Eli with that look of determination.  The sled is stopped Hub.  It is over. :)

Alex manning the other sled.  He played the worst trick on Mariah and Sunny pretending that he couldn't remember them since the accident.  It was cruel and hilarious all at the same time.  Mariah was furious when the truth came out.  Forgiveness may have to come in the next life for Alex. :)

Sunny and Camille getting whitewashed.

The three toe-headed stooges.  Jax, Axe, and Grady were inseparable during the whole week.  I love how much they all love tractors... that is the show that has them fixated on the T.V.

Like I said on my side of the family their aren't any boy cousins remotely close to Axel's age but so he resorts to dress up.  I was actually impressed with how well he functioned in high heels.  He put me to shame.  It's okay it's all part of growing up.  Eli was surrounded by sisters so he can empathize with the Axe.

Our secret weapon with Grady is tickling.  He loves having his tummy and back tickled.  It immediately makes him stop whatever he is doing and he will just sit their mesmorized.  We use it a lot in sacrament meeting and it works like a charm.  Most of the time, he will snap out of it before he falls asleep but this time he just couldn't fight it with all the late nights of Christmas. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sorry to leave you hanging...

 I know it has been forever so instead of overloading you on the Hubbard's haps from the last couple of months of intense holiday fun, I will take my time catching up.  It is a good time to do so after all since it is now the months of holiday droubt.

First things first....We have big news and I bet you can't guess what it is.....

Yep I've lost 25 lbs using the slim fast plan!!
Ha ha!..I'm officially prego!  10 or 11 weeks along to not be exact.  I lose track so easily.  We are super excited  to add another rugrat to the bunch and can't wait for the adventures in store.
November 12 of 12
Yes I did remember to do it!
1- My nerdy and creative son using his sweatshirt on his legs and twirling around like a maniac.
2-After two years of living here we finally got a new thermastat that actually works!!
3-The plush fur I got at JoAnn's at a super good deal for the boys blankets for Christmas.
4-My new Van's jacket I got for 20 bucks!
5-Eli's annual sometimes semi-annual chore of fixing our windshield wipers.  He's getting really good at it...either that or he was just holding back the cuss words he was thinking while I was outside ha ha!
6-Grady's reaction to getting snow on his fingers.. yeah he doesn't like it much.
7-We had soup for dinner... intense I know.
8-The actions of popcorn popping for FHE.  Grady was getting into it.
9-Our Thankful Tree we made for FHE.  Axel was naming off tons right and left.  Sniff Sniff I am so proud.
10-Candyland, the game of choice for the finale of FHE
11- Our nightly ritual of horsey rides sometimes motorcycle rides to bed.
12- The other horse/HOG

December 12 of 12
1-Nothing like a mug of hot cocoa with ice cream and whip cream on a cold snowy day... wish you were with me Ma!
2-Evidence of Grady's boot fetish.  He wears boots 24-7.  He threw a fit the other night because I took them off for the tub.  Nothing like a nudy strutting around in cowboy boots.  Yes, I am still talking about Grady not Eli...hahaha!!
3-My project today was baking 45 loaves of pumpkin swirl bread. Phew!
4-I love Christmas music and Pandora in general.
5-Grady sampling the pumpkin bread batter... notice the boots making an appearance again!
6-A craft I am making for an exchange. I'm just excited I actually started it today.  Let the procrastination end.
7-There always has to be a pic that Axel takes and this one was the winner for December.  I do think the tree lights in the background look pretty cool.  Maybe I should go to him for photography pointers.
8-Eli finished crocheting Grady's beanie.  Aah-sigh-
9-I came in too late and their sweet fort got destroyed but on babysitting days they usually end up playing house.
10-A new Christmas tradition has been unwrapping a Christmas book each night.  It has been a highlight for the boys and me too.  What a great idea!  Thanks Tennille.
11-A last minute addition to Grade's hat that Eli just figured out how to crochet.   How awesome is he right?  Dang, he is good.  I mean you always see flowers but never boy stuff.  Way to go Hub!
12-We had a present wrapping party when the kids went to bed while we watched Psych.  We ended up making it a real party by opening some pop and chocolate raisins that were supposed to be Christmas presents.  he hee.

For my birthday, Ruth and Jamie, my friend from my ward, came over and brought me a fancy pants lunch.  I felt so special.  It was really such a nice afternoon and better than any restaurant could have done!!  Thanks, ladies!

My Birthday rocked this year.  Eli spoiled me with flowers and a.... wait for it....Kindle Fire...WHAT?!  He even surprised me and decorated the house while I was gone.  Axel wrote one of the signs.  It was one of the best birthdays yet.
We stayed in Bozeman for Thanksgiving this year and it was really nice.  I made the turkey with many calls to my brother in law (He is reigning Grillmaster two years in a row so yeah I called him).  It turned out so yummy and golden!  

You should be impressed that all of us were not only looking but smiling too just with the ten second timer on the camera.  Here was our Thanksgiving feast and we have soo much to be thankful for!  We've had some great times in Bozeman and now this Thanksgiving holiday spent with our little family is added amongst the memories.

My Great Grandma Hansen's chocolate pie and a freaking sweet banana cream pie recipe.   YUM!

My sweet companion helping with the cleanup.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Grady is TWO

COUNTING UP Grady is now two.  He has grown so much and has already been through so much in his short life.  He copies everything, even Axel's naughty side!  He talks sooo much and has a cute little chipmunk voice which is my favorite.  He brings so much laughter and joy into our home and we are so thankful to have the opportunity to help him become the young man God wants him to be!  Happy Birthday Squirt!

Opening presents.  He had the same look on his face the whole time.  I think he was overwhelmed.  Thanks everyone who remembered him on his birthday.  Lora he loved the banner and particularly the kisses (I loved the container :) Tennille the animals were a big hit.  Mariah and Great Grandma thanks for the moola, he will use it to buy something awesome! Grandma and Grandpa Titcomb thanks for making the trip to Bozeman and for the Mater and animals. It was a really special day for him and he totally felt important strutting around all day. 

It soon wore off as he rolled around in his birthday spoils in his diaper!

The masterpiece Mater cake.  Thanks Mom for helping me transform it from my mind to reality!  

Grady liked Mater's special appearance.

The favorite part:  Blowing out the candles.

Halloween was a fun one with great costumes this year.  Darigold passed out milk and took this picture... see even Joker loves his chocolate milk. 
The fam trick or treating.  Can't you tell Eli and I are super hero's too, only we are maintaining our secret identities!  It was an awkward moment in front of Eli's professors house, as we posed forever as she busted out her camera.

BATMAN.  Ya gotta love the pose by the tree.

I love the look on his face and his pointed toe. 

The happy duo ready for candy

We do lounging out really well at our house.  Grady is our copy cat!

Grandpa reading a book.  It must be a really intense part.  Don't worry Grady, I am sure it will all end well.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

October12 of 12

Look at me posting 12 of 12 sooo on time.  I figured I wouldn't wait til I had a million pictures to post all at once.  Look at all the time I am saving you by my simplified post.  So, here was our day.

#1 My sweet advent calendar made by my super creative sister, Tennille.  We totally love Halloween, so being able to countdown to it is sooo much fun.
#2 Axel's gloved hand holding a quarter to get a beloved gumball.  Gumballs = A Good Bribery Tool
#3 Axe getting on the bus to go to school
#4 Grady is pro at putting out his lower lip... and here it is, I call it the heart melter.
#5 The awesome cowboy hat that also works as a good disguise since earlier I partially ran a bus stop sign to the same bus that drops Axel off.  I have a fear of being scolded I guess since I went to all the trouble to "change my look"so she wouldn't recognize me.   I should have taken Eli's classic advice and shaved my head and got a face tattoo.  That is our answer for every escape-from-the-police-movie when their best attempts is to put on a hat or color their hair. :)
#6 I finally busted out my massage table.  Let's see I think it has been a year since it has seen any use.  Don't worry though, I still got the magic hands. 
#7 The big grocery shopping day.
#8 My Halloween Village.  I totally LOVE it.  This year one of my additions was a bat boy in honor of my Batman-obsessed boys.  Did I mention how much I love Halloween?
#9 The remnants of Axel's grilled cheese sandwich.  He set it on his plate looked at me and said, "Look Mom a heart!" Then he pushed it towards me saying, "For You!"  It was so sweet and hilarious.
#10 This awesome text from Melissa totally made my day in a laugh so hard I almost peed my pants sort of way.  It says, "What did one saggy boob say to the other?  We'd better perk up or people will think we're nuts!"  I'm sorry if that is offensive but I found it pretty dang funny.  Plus I justified it since the person who sent it to me is sweet as pie!
#11 The nightly ritual of light saber fighting.  I recently found a blue one to add to the collection so Eli doesn't have to use the broom anymore.  Oh boy the fun we have.
#12 Grady using the remote as a phone.  I loved listening to his conversation.  In his high pitched voice he would say "Hello! How Are You?" 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Are you still there?

            It's pathetic to think that I haven't even had a couple minutes to post my september 12 of 12 let alone all that we have been up to lately...which has actually been quite a bit.  But I don't pretend to understand how the moms do it that have five kids, homeschool, have creative and planned in advance Family Home Evenings, cook elaborate meals, keep up on all their sewing and craft projects, keep an impeccable house, and maintain a regular cooking and personal blog.  Yeah, in my dreams that would be me.  When I get busy sadly the blog is one of the first things that gets shoved aside.  So, here is me attempting to catch you up.  We've got everything from Labor Day to Potato Harvest.
            Before we get to the events, we just wanted to thank everyone out there who remembered us and our little bro, Alex.  The Lord definitely heard all the prayers and fasting in Alex's behalf and that is the only reason that he only stayed a week in the hospital and has no brain damage!  It really has been a miracle to witness.  It will still be a long and rough recovery to the boy but I can't tell you how great it was to have him home and joking around telling stories like same old Alex.  We love you, man.

#1 The morning began with the wind carrying off with my Costco receipt only to land perfectly in the middle of the underside of the car.  Come on!  How in the world am I going to reach that with my stubby arms?
#2 I don't know if that is a happy or mad face Grady is pulling while climbing the tree.  Either way it was funny.
#3 I spent the afternoon with an awesome woman, Wendy Roth.  She reminds me of my dear mother and being far away it is nice to be able to hang out with someone like that!
#4 The mini wheelbarrow equals hours of entertainment
#5 This is Axel's makeshift unibrow that he artistically created this morning using my mascara he found in the car.  Being the awesome mom I am he wore it most of the day.  Mainly cause I found it hilarious.  Hey Bert!
#6 A dancing snowman toy that plays music.  Grady finds it every time he goes to Wendy's and it is definitely a favorite among the kiddos.
#7 Chillin on the grass.  This is a total "enjoying days of summer" picture!
#8 Eli reading Gems of our Valley.  It is amazing to read all the rich history that Grace has.
#9 Brothers having fun on the big wheel.  Axel is such a great big bro.
#10 Me, being a goober to Eli when he was trying to sweep the floor.  I know what is harder to believe me being a goober or Eli sweeping the floor?  Well, they are both regular occurences.  Eli, you are a good man!
#11 A definite "show your prom date" picture.  It's one of my favorites.  The water is cloudy because it is pure soap.  Axel is facinated with lathering Dad's soap.  I expect him to pee pure Dove.  :)
#12 This is what I get to look forward to when Grady eats Frosted Flakes.  Grrr.

Grandpa chillin on the chair for a minute in the cellar.

The beautiful Melissa that I can no longer compete with in best daughter in law cause she drives a windrower and the potato truck.  All I can do is laundry.  Shrug.

Eli showing all the cousins the potato operation

Braxton and Camille not forgetting Grady.

If we get to participate in many more harvests then you will find us living our dream!

Dirt is a boys best friend.  If you wonder where Axe is in all these pictures he made instant friends with Melissa and her little guy Jax.  They were inseparable.  They even rode the tractor with Jarom.  He said it comparable to being stuck in a cage with two monkeys...bare feet and all.  Farm life rocks.

I got to play farm wife right along side Lora as we made all the meals and kept the house managed.   The boys got to know their cute cousin, Ben.  Grady welcomed him in for sure as he kept trying to get a horsie ride from him and was completely frustrated when he wouldn't take his binkie. (Axel took the picture...he's getting good)

A very dirty Grandpa.  This was a regular end of the day sight when we could barely see his eyeballs.

We finally got to take a Harley ride together.  My first ride with all the leathers was awesome!

A historical site along the way...(the statue, not me!)

The diner which apparently was the place for all the retirees to go.  Boy did I get some stares from the older women.  I couldn't tell if it was disapproval or envy at what their younger days used to be like!

yeah, check out the view.

The Bobcat Homecoming game.  I colored the boys hair with finger paint and we had the school spirit baby.  It is nice to finally have a college sports team to route for!

He loves to hang from anything and everything

We commissioned Axe to take the picture...Aaaah isn't it sweet!

So, close we could smell the sweat...or my zoom is really good on the camera.  Either way it was a great game.  We creamed the Bears.

And now for some labor day fun.  Sand Volleyball the event we all wait for in anticipation

The whole fam lovin the yard games

All the kids checking out a burrowing toad under the well. 

Master of the Court

Boche Ball

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